Country Gravy S E FP


Country Gravy


  • Notes on E and S variations:

    *You can sub oat flour instead of baking blend for E dishes and it's really good (just don't add cream if using in an E setting)

    *Add enough cream to use as a white sauce (S) for veggies or cream gravy!

  • If it is at all grainy from the cream cheese not incorporating well because it wasn't soft and melty enough put the mixture over into a mini microprocessor or use an immersion blender and it will smooth out quickly.
  • * Note the basic recipe for this flavorful, creamy gravy is technically a FP  since a serving of this recipe contains:
  • 2.25  gms of fat and  2 gms of carbs if prepared without extra cream and regular fat cream cheese.  (Since the baking blend is a fuel pull it contributes almost no fat (way less than a gm.) and only 1 carb)  
  •  *For a nice cream sauce just omit the spice and then add salt and pepper to taste plus any seasoning that you would like (poultry seasoning for example or even a dash of sweetener for sweet cream gravy) and add a generous spoonful or two of heavy whipping cream.  

Recipe by Nana's Little Kitchen at