Dairy Free Coconut Whipped Cream




Yield 1 1/2 Cups



  1. Open the cold coconut milk can carefully and lift the coconut cream out with a spoon. Leave behind all of the watery substance at the bottom of the can and use for another purpose.
  2. Add these cream, sweetener and salt to a mixing bowl and beat thoroughly using either a hand or stand beaters. Continue beating until you have stiff peaks and it is thoroughly mixed.
  3. You can serve it immediately or refrigerate.
  4. The photo shown is right after beating it, but I have stored it in the refrigerator for days and found it to be still whipped and ready to go and as I said it gets a little firmer and more pipeable.


The first thing you have to do is IGNORE the instructions on the can and NOT shake the can. It's written right there on the can but this recipe won't work if you shake the can before opening it.

Secondly, buy the best brand of canned coconut cream that you can find, I've use Thai full fat, not lite, successfully.

Refrigerate this coconut milk for hours. I just put it in the back of my fridge and store it that way because this is the only way I really use this milk. The can that I used to make the pictured frosting had been in the back of my refrigerator for several weeks.

Open the can carefully and use a spoon to lift the thick, cream off the top of the watery substance at the bottom of the can. I never use the substance at the bottom of the can but I'm sure it would be good in smoothies.


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