Low Carb Broccoli Chicken Casserole




  • You can use 2 chicken breasts from a large rotisserie chicken for this dish 
  • I cooked 3 medium sized chicken breasts in the instant pot in 2 1/4 cups of water and used some of the broth for the recipe.
  • If your chicken is very tender and you think it will shred when you mix it into the veggies and cheese just wait until it is all in the casserole dish and add the diced chicken to the top of the dish and press it in lightly.
  • Canned, sliced mushrooms work really well in this recipe too.
  • Be sure and use a mild cheddar cheese sauce to more closely replicate the flavor and texture of the velveeta cheese. The mild cheddar melts ito the sauce more smoothly and the flavor blends well in this dish.
  • Out of THM Baking Blend? Make your own with one of these mixes. Low Carb Baking Mix is one made with xanthan gum instead of gluccie and Quick Mix developed by a THM admin to closely mimic THM Baking Blend for the DIYers. I would recommend either because both ladies are excellent bakers. 

Recipe by Nana's Little Kitchen at