Vegetable Beef Soup (Low fat, E)




* This recipe contains tomatoes and the original recipe did call for stewed tomatoes, which usually contains some sugar. I seasoned this recipe with 1 tsp of Pyure (or Truvia) and it helped cut the acid taste. That is up to you but I have found that adding extra sweetener and/or salt can help make these recipes taste more "normal" to people.

*You can sub the broth in the soup for water and add 2 teaspoons beef base (I use Organic Better Than Bouillon) or 3 cubes beef bouillon

*These days I sub a package of frozen chopped carrots, green beans, and corn for the ones listed in this recipe. Way easier and just as good.

*Instant Pot Directions: If you cook this in a pot it will use more broth. But if you use an Instant Pot then brown (sautee) the meat, drain and rinse then add in the onions and beef to cook down in the lining of the Instant Pot, you can add in all the ingredients right on top and bring up to pressure for 15 minutes you will have plenty of broth.

Recipe by Nana's Little Kitchen at