Simple Sugar Free Snow Cone Syrups

Super Simple Sugar-Free Snow Cone Syrups involve no cooking this summer! Just get the water hot, add additional ingredients and whisk!


Super Simple Snow Cone Syrup

(Adapted from Nana's Coffee Syrup):


  1. Dissolve the sweetener and pinch of salt completely into the hot water
  2. SLOWLY add the Xantham Gum and whisk briskly to keep it from clumping!  Note! You could stop right here and have a plain/unflavored sweet syrup to flavor differently per snow cone,  or continue to Step 3 and make a whole batch of the same flavor.
  3. Add your choice of extract, or a combination of extracts and optional ingredients (cream and/or food coloring)
  4. And now ... wait patiently while it CHILLS! (Hot syrup and shaved ice don't get along well!)
  5. Use your favorite kitchen gadget (e.g. Vitamix, Ninja, or Rival's Snow Cone machine pictured above) to shave ice, or just sneak over to your favorite snow cone stand and order a cup of shaved ice!
  6. Add 3 Tablespoons of syrup per 1 to 1.5 cups of shaved ice and ENJOY!


** Heavy cream gives the syrup a nice creamy flavor but is not required in this recipe. The Key Lime (green) and Tiger's Blood syrups pictured above have no cream.  The color is more vibrant without cream (if that's what you're going for!)  

** Olive Nation extracts are super potent so you may need more than 1tsp of extract with other brands. 

** Watkins flavors, available online and at Walmart, will be colored already so that can be a factor in the appearance if you use those along with food coloring. 

Today's Flavors (pictured here) were made in full batches as follows:

  1. Watermelon - 1tsp watermelon extract no heavy cream
  2. Blue Coconut Cream - 1tsp coconut extract plus heavy cream
  3. Tiger's Blood - 1/8tsp coconut, 1/2tsp of watermelon, and 1/2tsp strawberry no heavy cream
  4. Banana Cream - 1tsp banana extract plus heavy cream
  5. Key Lime Pie - 1tsp key lime extract no heavy cream
  6. Orange Creamsicle - 1tsp orange extract plus heavy cream

Recipe by Nana's Little Kitchen at